About eBlast

Why you need ia-eBlast email marketing

Professional copy and creative are increasingly important elements in the success of your email marketing campaigns. ia-eBlast™ provides a toolbox for marketers to upload templates, design creative and edit creative without any knowledge of HTML coding. Additionally, ia-eBlast™ offers tools for “expert users” more comfortable in working directly in HTML.

  • Simple, yet intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Supported by dedicated ia-eBlast managers
  • Top delivery rates, from many years experience
  • Includes UNLIMITED email address books
  • Powerful sent tracking and click reporting
  • Flat fee or fully managed service
  • Cost effective way to generate leads
  • Purpose built mail system server
  • Packages start from only £199 or £250 managed!

By signing up for a ia-eBlast™ account, you offload your technical constraints onto us, so you can focus on your marketing. With ia-eBlast™ “on demand”, you benefit from significant cost savings as you will not need to purchase any expensive software, hardware nor extra mail server bandwidth

“Amazing results… We were so pleased to receive orders and inquiries to our inbox, even though we had tried email marketing before we were so pleased with ia-eBlast and the new sales too.”

Your lists can be securely hosted within our state of the art data center, or you can choose to store your data within your own facilities. Data hosted by ia-eBlast will be made available to your marketing teams via a secure connection during emailing campaigns. Contrary to many of our competitors, ia-eBlast does not broker or supply lists of email addresses and undertakes to respect and protect the confidentiality of your data, to refrain from transferring it to any third parties and from using it in any way.

After wasting over £4,000 in an advert with yellow pages and not receiving one single enquiry for our insurance plans we decided to try something new, with ia-eBlast it was simple spend 900 get 1400 worth of orders!

Paul Toms, CEO Interinsure LLc