Change the way you promote online with ia-eBlast email marketing…

Once you have finalised the text and design of your message, you can insert it into ia-eBlast™ from your computer by either copy/paste, importing a local file or via a URL. ia-eBlast™ automatically identifies any links within the message for tracking purposes. The system supports Text, HTML, Rich Text and multipart media formats enabling you to send your message in the optimal format for your clients and ensuring that your email marketing hits the target!

“Outstanding professional people, with a really, really simple answer

to sending emails, we love it! We cannot wait to see how many new

people open our next email offer, what a great marketing tool.”

In order to manage creative, two editing modes are offered: an “expert” mode and a “visual” mode. In the “visual” mode you can use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) graphics editor to design creative without any technical knowledge…

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Managed Sends per month2816+
Automatic bounce handlingarrowarrowarrow
Data cleanse and de dupe on uploadarrowarrowarrow
Amend contact details on-screen, or re-import to refresh the dataarrowarrowarrow
Access Anywhere – Login and manage your eBlast campaigns from anywhere in the worldarrowarrowarrow
Multiple Campaigns – You can create multiple campaigns ready for your next targeted eBlastarrowarrowarrow
Delivery Success – Login to the system and find out if any emails have not been delivered successfullyarrowarrowarrow
Advanced Reporting – Know who and when the recipient clicked on your eBlastarrowarrowarrow
Automatic Schedule – Once you have created the eBlast simply pick the time and date for it to be sent arrowarrowarrow
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Pay using any major Debit, Credit or Pre-pay Card – 100% Secure Purchase using Worldpay and Paypal Pro Payments. Want to signup but do not like using the internet to pay? No worries, call our 24 hour FREEPHONE team on: 0800 242 5606 and make your payment directly over the telephone.   
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